Coffee Table With Short or Long Style - Novara™

Coffee Table With Short or Long Style - Novara™ - KiPP

Coffee Table With Short or Long Style - Novara™

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Looking for a coffee table that has a nice and stylish design?

This matching Novara™ coffee table will complement the home or office environment.  This functional and stylish coffee table is great for guests or clients visitor.

 In addition to Your Office or Home Space: The simple addition of an office coffee table can help to improve the layout of your waiting area for clients and colleges, making it more welcoming and practical for your guests.  Is not just an impression for your reception area but with the comfortable seating, your guests won't mind waiting a minute or so more.

Great for Colleges to Meet: As one of the best locations for staff to engage in conversation and relax, tea rooms are essential to a healthy working environment, therefore what better way for you and your employees to bond than over a cup of coffee. SItting by a sturdy and stylish coffee table.

Affordable Price: Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly coffee table to compliment your office tea room or reception space - we have what you looking for.  Our versatile coffee tables are well suited to most office workspaces and or at home. 

More Details:


  • A choice of short or long shape is available
  • Black glass top 
  • Modern and trendy coffee table
  • High-quality design
  • Heavy duty
  • Usage - Can be used for home/office or commercial use.


  • Timber side panels
  • Black glass top
  • Colour: Zebrano Black 



  • 600 W x 600 D x 430 H (mm) short
  • 1200 W x 600 D x 430 H (mm)  Long

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